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A New Brand for Penman Ventures

We'll be taking Penman Ventures in a new direction - one to reach a wider audience and promote a community I wish to foster.

Gabriel Sidwell
Gabriel Sidwell
1 min read

Hello and welcome to Penman Ventures!

It has been a little while since I have updated the website, and it's for good reason. A lot has happened over the last half a year that has made me reconsider the direction I wanted to take the web journal, and how much time I wanted to dedicate to its upkeep.

With the recent shifts we have seen in the market, I have decided that I wanted to go into content creation more full-time than I have in the past.

I realized however that my previous niche (health and medical) would not have the audience I wanted to reach out to and connect with. As someone who dreams of becoming a renown author and mentor for creatives, I figured Penman Ventures should become a vessel that better reflects my long term goals and ideations.

Therefore, I have opted to rebrand Penman Ventures into something new:

Penman Ventures is a multimedia web journal where I dedicate my time to diving into stories behind various works of art, media, news, and a myriad of interesting topics.

It is also where I chronicle my own journey as a storyteller and creative; and where I provide my services as a freelance medical writer, creative writer, and editor for anyone interested in collaborating or commissioning me for work.

Penman Ventures, in the future, will be a place where creativity is explored and celebrated during a time where the wider world may not appreciate it as much as they used to.


A new podcast will be started soon, where I will also start to upload media on various topics of interest that pop into mind (or that my fellow peers suggest). Expect more content to appear on Penman Ventures in addition to the journal here.

And as always, subscribe to Penman Ventures to be notified on all future updates. Stay safe and stay happy.


Gabriel Sidwell

Gabriel, also known as the Penman, is a public health worker and enthusiast who never abandoned their creative outlets once they were out in the real world. He moonlights as a aspiring author.