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About Penman Ventures

About Penman Ventures

I should start with who the “Penman” actually is. By definition, a penman is a person who is skilled or professionally engaged in writing by hand, typically, as a clerk, on behalf of others. An author.

Here at Penman Ventures, the Penman is me. Welcome, my name is Gabriel. I am a hobbyist storyteller, a professional health content and medical writer. I am also a administrative medical assistant who has worked in healthcare for over seven years. I have always been passionate about helping others and doing so through my writing and research, hence the mission statement:

Write For Better Health

I graduated from the University of Colorado with my Bachelors in Public Health and Health Sciences in 2019. I was initially pursuing medical school to become a physician assistant, and working at building my pre-requisites, but switched gears after taking on ghostwriting projects for the doctors and administrators I worked with. I have been a medical writer since, and am looking for more opportunities to advance my career.

Enter Penman Ventures

Penman Ventures was born in January 2022.

Here, I offer my services as a health content and medical writer for personal and professional use. These services range from blogs to white papers; patient narratives and medical copy; and more. If you need someone with expertise in the written word, do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Penman Ventures also functions as a newsletter. If you are interested in following topics such as public health, healthcare, and personal wellness, please subscribe for my latest content. You can also subscribe to stay up to date on the latest news regarding Penman Ventures, and to be the notified on new book releases, events, and updates on the author himself.