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About Penman Ventures

About Penman Ventures

I should start with who the “Penman” actually is. By definition, a penman is a person who is skilled or professionally engaged in writing by hand, typically, as a clerk, on behalf of others. An author.

Here at Penman Ventures, the Penman is me. Welcome, my name is Gabriel. I am a storyteller, a medical writer, and an editor. I have worked in healthcare and public health for over seven years. I have always been passionate about helping others, and doing so through my writing and research.

I offer freelance content writing and editing services for personal and professional use. From health content and white papers, to copy and fiction, I can help you deliver creative and informative prose to your clients, patients, and readers.

If you are interested in following my work and content curated by me, consider subscribing to my journal for notifications on when I publish new entries, and for news on new products and book releases.

Thank You