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Back From The Dead

A lot has happened since my last update with Penman Ventures, so today I’ll be mostly talking about what happened over the past four months.

Gabriel Sidwell
Gabriel Sidwell
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Back From The Dead
Photo by Brian Wangenheim / Unsplash

God, how time flies. It’s hard to imagine that three… no, four months have passed by already. A lot has happened since my last update with Penman Ventures, so today I’ll be mostly talking about what happened over the past four months of my life. All positive changes, I promise.

Welcome back to Penman Ventures, old friend. Let’s chat for a little bit.

A Brand New Day Job

I have finally left the pain clinic I have worked at for the past eight years, and I am ultimately doing better for it. I’ve come to realize that the clinic has grown to become something that I did not want to be a part of - mainly due to the lack of oversight on the doctors who owned the practice. 

It was not a healthy work environment that promoted growth, and I found that my own growth there stagnated for a long time. In short, we were taken advantage of by the people who owned the clinic, overworked, and not compensated for everything that we had to put up with.

I’m working for a new clinic now. One that is bigger, and that is better taken care of by the managing partners. I’m not having to deal with patients anymore, which is a big stressor all on its own sometimes. I’m doing mostly IT, health information, and credentialing work now, and I’m thriving overall. I’m happy and learning a lot of new things - which is a good thing, right?

I was not the only one who left as well. Of the folks I know who left, all of them are also doing better mentally and financially, as far as I’m aware. So that only serves to prove that the issues with the old place were systemic. Here’s hoping they continue to do well for the foreseeable future.

Time Off For Creative Outlets

Aside from the new job, which has taken up a majority of my free time by far to acclimate, I have also been exploring other creative outlets to exercise the right side of my brain. Particularly drawing, which I have been interested in training myself in for years. 

Of course, I am still writing too. I am still outlining the next draft of my book, Shadows of the Cadynian Front. The new outline has reached fifty pages so far of content and character structuring and I’m hoping to actually provide new chapters soon that I can preview here in Penman Ventures. Patrons will see these previews when they’re completed when I feel I have content that’s ready to read.

I have also been doing a lot of event planning and executing for my Free Company on Final Fantasy XIV. Here’s a quick shoutout to Byregot’s Ward on Mateus - love you guys, and I’m looking forward to the next venture and what that’ll bring. If you’re also on Final Fantasy and you’re looking for a new roleplay Free Company, check out my group at Byregot’s Ward is always looking for new members to join the community.

Back to a Regular Schedule

Now that everything is starting to settle in my life again, I am hoping to get back into podcasting and article writing for Penman Ventures. In addition to this, my wife and I are planning to create a collaborative story based on a homebrew campaign between us, to be shared in episodic format in Penman Ventures in both written and audio format. Keep an eye out for details in the near future!

Those are all the updates that I have for now. Until next time!


Gabriel Sidwell

Gabriel, also known as the Penman, is a public health worker and enthusiast who never abandoned their creative outlets once they were out in the real world. He moonlights as a professional penman


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